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Jacalyn beales 294173 article

How To Avoid Intimacy – P.S. I Love You

Someone very wise once gave me a solid piece of advice — one that has managed to inhabit my mind ever since. We were in a heated chat about life over drinks at some obscure restaurant in Toronto, sitting beneath ground level in dim lighting and on booths I recall being velvet.

Daria nepriakhina 262667 %281%29 article

The Anatomy Of Adulthood – The Leading

An important lesson I’ve come to learn is that high school doesn’t end the moment you graduate. Irrespective of the career you find yourself in or the office you end up working at, there will always be people who react to things like a child would: defensively, aggressively, and immaturely.

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The Art of Saying No – The Leading

A common theme in my life lately has been the fact that I’ve started saying “no” a lot more often. This phenomenon has been popping up in my professional life, and it’s manifested as turning down work or projects. It’s also been arising in my personal life, by way of saying no to certain friendships that I cannot accommodate any longer, or situations that I do not wish to entertain.

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5 Things I Had To Let Go Of In Order To Feel Free – The Leading

1. The notion that situations just happen to us and that we bear no influence over attracting them. We are not in control over everything we fall into throughout our lives, but we can exert enough self-control to not attract certain circumstances.

1 bcpnevsmxxrlhjbzj8rh6g article

Five Core Attributes Of Millennials That Help Explain Our Struggle With Self-Esteem

To be honest, it’s only just recently that I’ve to learn that I fall within the millennial generation. I always thought I was a part of Generation Y, but it appears that this term has been since replaced.

Jason blackeye 215003 article

Stop Telling People They’re Wrong – The Leading

When two opinions differ in conversation, it is such a difficult thing to have each person understand the other. The irony is that when we’re in conflict with someone, we’re actually more alike than we are different. Think about it — we both think we’re right about the same topic and yet neither of us can empathize with the other.

1 qkp5wfqemf11ymf7u kuoq article

Yesterday’s Feelings – The Leading

Some of us have a tendency to remain deeply nostalgic and allow our sentiments about our former lives pull us away from the present moment. Indeed, humans are truly the masters of holding onto past pain long after its expiration date.

Thought catalog 214785 article

Important Lessons I’ve Learned – The Leading

Being an adult is hard, but it’s much harder when you lack the knowledge and skills to adequately care for yourself and others.
The more you value your own life, the more you’ll make choices that honour who you are, support your happiness and enrich the lives of those around you.

Fdsciigdw9g ewan robertson article

Behind The Screens – The Leading

This Valentine’s Day, I couldn’t help but notice something that’s surely not a new phenomenon by any means. All over my social media feeds, perfectly staged photos started popping up, each captioned in order to humbly brag about the things that the poster’s partner did or bought for them.

1 wxqc gdpuhdts96x0g0psw article

Don’t Be The Smartest Person In The Room – The Leading

I actually heard the saying “don’t be the smartest person in the room” for the first time last year, and it struck me as being arrogant and presumptuous. The longer I thought about it, however — the more I began to understand its implications.

1 zfng9cuohsubbvsroulywg article

It’s (Not So) Complicated – P.S. I Love You

The irony is that we stand behind the fact that all we want is from these people is commitment, but the truth of the matter is that we really do not.

1 dknbiityykg2jnqjty9rfa article

How To Let Go – The Leading

I’m not going to allude to the fact that letting go is an easy task because it really isn’t. I’m also not going to suggest that we care more about someone we struggle to let go of, rather than someone we don’t. The act of letting go has just as much to do with the attached person than it does with the person we find ourselves attached to.

Lxibdwavats eddy lackmann article

Your Character Determines Your Fate – The Leading

I am currently in the midst of reading The Unabridged Journals of Sylvia Plath. At the onset of the book, Plath refers to an English writing assignment she’s just completed in college with the theme of “Character is Fate.”

1 fzihl3cwet93nczzvbjbra article

January Is Calling – The Leading

I am not personally in favour of the “new year, new me” mantras. Rather, I think that we should all use the change of year as a fresh start to dive deeper into the people that we already are.

7bqvdq17rbs nicole mason article

There Are Lessons In Our Losses – The Leading

By virtue of being human, we are prone to connecting, investing and attaching. Throughout the course of our lives, we often find ourselves tethered to other people, prominent narratives, familiar objects or comfortable situations.